Baby Blues and Lumpy Boobs. 

What a whirlwind those first few days at home really are. And with Christmas thrown in the mix It was exhausting! 

Baby Blues Jesus they are bloody awful, I remember sitting in the corner of my sofa crying about the fact that my baby was here and how amazing it was but how incredibly tired I felt and overwhelmed at people’s kindness and best wishes… Aswell as all the visits we had in those first few days! 

I always remember everyone saying to me Day 3 when your milk comes in will be the worst.. And smack on day 3… There it was I swear I cried enough to fill a small swimming pool! My boobs were well and truly there and for the first time in my life I had MASSIVE fake looking boobs which is what I had always wanted but Jesus did they hurt… And we’re so blooming hard and lumpy. 

It may have had something to do with the fact that I had given birth to a baby piglet and he had spent 7 hours STRAIGHT (I genuinely wish that was an exaggeration) on Christmas Day sucking at my boobies… And the midwife that visited me that day said just let him suckle as much as he wants…which I did. I was stuck in the same position on the sofa for what seemed like the lllooonnnnggeeesssttt day of my life, just me the baby and my boobs out all day, which then contributed to the beginning of mastitis.. AMEN to my midwife for all the advice on draining and hand expression before but also the information on Savoy cabbage! That stuff was a frigging life saver… Except I smelt like farts! 
For all you fellow breastfeeding mums I know you will sympathise and for those mummies who are maybe yet to do it, just a heads up breastfeeding is so so hard and you have to be completely selfless! No time for baths, wee’s and God forbid you try and eat a HOT MEAL… 🙈 so please DO NOT beat yourself up if you feel you need to introduce the bottle at some point so you can…. oh I don’t know just have some breathing space! 

I however should of took my own advice and not put pressure on myself to carry on but I did, and I fed Archie for 7.5 months… (Only because he took a month to accept the bottle) He was a big boy and a greedy one, we were lucky with him at night time and he would do 4 hour stretches but he would also take BOTH boobs at every feed and his longest ever feed in the night was a record 1.5 hours, he was lazy and would fall asleep but if I tried to take him off he would scream blue murder so it was easier not to fight 😑 he also loved a cluster feed… From 3.30pm he would feed for 1/2 hour – 45mins on each boob and then only give me a 30 min (if I was lucky) break in between… Until he had his last feed at around 8 after a bath and then he would go to sleep…along with me.. And then wouldn’t really wake until 2am or 3am. 

I honestly believe that breastfeeding contributes towards baby blues to an extent as its so time consuming  and demoralising I quite often felt like daisy the cow.. And my boobs were out so much I often didn’t see the point in putting them away! 😂😂 

But I have no regrets about feeding Archie and will without a doubt do it again, but like everything in life, learn’t somethings I will and won’t do the next time… As I will no doubt learn again then also.  

That’s something I’ll say about motherhood and babies… 

‘The one thing that doesn’t change is everything changes’