And so it begins….



Wow… what an experience labour was and honestly it didn’t go how I had planned.. so no tranquil water birth for me – damn

Did it hurt? – YES

Would I do it again? – YES

Did I Enjoy it? – YES – loved it and it was the most empowering moment of my life.

All these little things above were HUGE things to me when I was pregnant and expecting my first baby….feeling incredibly anxious and having panic attacks about labour and what to expect that was the hardest part right? Once baby was here safe and sound I could stop worrying… (I hear you all tutting at me as I wrote that) little did I know that these worries were just the beginning of something which I really did not have the faintest idea about – although at the time I thought I did!

I had seen friends have babies and been around my 3 nieces and a nephew, I knew how to look after a baby, wind, bathe, settle, cuddle… everyone told me I was a natural I would be fine..I could cope with tiredness, I could survive on only 4 hours sleep and still function at work.. YOU HAVE GOT THIS..

Well as we all know until you have your own child with the emotional attachment involved nothing can EVER prepare you for just how tough motherhood is and oh how I laugh at naive pre baby me!!

It is the only job you will never be prepared or qualified for despite how much research or preparation you put in. Your CV will never be good enough to get you this job – (in the real world) and it is the hardest days work you will ever do, where you get no praise, targets or feedback on your performance it’s just you AKA mummy (you no longer have a name.. just this one) and this little stranger that has no instruction manual AKA baby….

‘It’s a boy’

What the hell do I do……HELP!?!


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