My Name Is Hollie and if your reading this I welcome you to my blog.

I became a mum just over a year ago to a wonderful little boy (was convinced he was a girl)! and have had a roller coaster of a year as most first time mums do have.. nothing can quite prepare you for the shock you have at the sheer responsibility of looking after something so small and precious right? 

This blog is my thoughts captured and how I felt during the first year of being a mum, with my incredible highs and some of my awful lows, and my thoughts and feelings on post natal depression.

I always remember wishing there was something I could read from someone I knew when I spent hours on in internet searching for silly things.. (all will be covered in the blog)!

So I decided to be brave and give it a go!!

If your reading this I hope you enjoy and maybe even take some comfort from knowing your not alone.

Please feel free to follow, like and share your experiences!

Lets support each other.. We are all on this crazy journey together but wouldn’t have it any other way!

Keep smiling

Hollie xx